It starts to take shape now, the plywood pieces get stuck together in different sections

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The legs on these nut crackers differ from previous projects in that I tried to make them look more like two seperate legs rather than just one big stove pipe with feet on it. Continue reading

The Band Saw

My fancy circle cutting jig

My fancy circle cutting jig

once I got everything notched, I had to make shapes out of all of this. so I used my fancy circle cutting jig
I found out later, that I would have been way better off cutting them out with the band saw first and then make the notches. Hindsight is twenty/twenty and all that .

bandsaw stuff



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Some assembly required


And So It begins…

This is my first project to post on my blog. They are large Nutcrackers made of wood and cardboard. They took waaay too long to build and I’d like to sell them if nothing else, to get them out of my site.

I’m going to break this up into several post so as not to get too unwieldy.

The First post shows cutting the wooden frames.

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This is how it starts, with a sheet plywood left over from a previous project.

making notches for the uprights with a router.
making notches for the uprights with a router.

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This is where I plan on putting some art projects

One of my New year’s resolutions is to do more art …real art. Errr, well, what I consider real art . Opinions may vary.