The title is pretty self explanatory

Nutcracker Pants and vest

Pants and vest

Nutcracker vests

Airbrushing to allow to some texture and buttons

nutcracker painnting


This was going to be , by far, the most complicated paint job on a project like this and by the end of it, made me wonder why I chose to be so rambunctious about things. I cracked open my never used airbrush (that I bought 2 years ago) for this project and there was a bit of getting used it again involved.

nutcrakcers moslty finished legs

moslty finished legs

Nutcracker Lapels


nutcracker painted body

painted body

The nutcrackers first buttons

The first (of many) buttons

The buttons were made much easier to cut out when my dad beveled the edges of a piece of pipe so I could just “punch” them out. the stars stuck on them were all cut out of bristol board with a pair of scissors , all seventy of themĀ  :/


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