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This is the first project i’m going to post on the blog, These are large models of nutcrackers or toy soldiers. They were built with an Acadian colour scheme in mind. They are made with Plywood, wood, and Cardbord. In fact, if you don’t count glue and paint, they are totally made of recycled material.

The Grand Finale

And it’s only about a month late for Christmas (yay me :/)

the final product

the final product

again, the model is for scale and just to class up the joint a bit.

It’s all over but the crying now….

After all the intricate detail of the faces, it was just a matter of airbrushing some detail on the hat and shoulders aaaaand we’re done.

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The Faces

I think the funniest part of this is how creepy the interim steps are

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The bodies finally get done…

Details, details, details

buttons for the boots

buttons for the boots

Nutcracker Belt buckle

fancy schmancy belt buckle

Nutcracker belt parts

Most of the belt parts drying by the fire.

Nutcracker body

Nutcracker body

Nutcracker body

Nutcracker body


The title is pretty self explanatory

Nutcracker Pants and vest

Pants and vest

Nutcracker vests

Airbrushing to allow to some texture and buttons

nutcracker painnting


This was going to be , by far, the most complicated paint job on a project like this and by the end of it, made me wonder why I chose to be so rambunctious about things. I cracked open my never used airbrush (that I bought 2 years ago) for this project and there was a bit of getting used it again involved.

nutcrakcers moslty finished legs

moslty finished legs

Nutcracker Lapels


nutcracker painted body

painted body

The nutcrackers first buttons

The first (of many) buttons

The buttons were made much easier to cut out when my dad beveled the edges of a piece of pipe so I could just “punch” them out. the stars stuck on them were all cut out of bristol board with a pair of scissors , all seventy of them  :/


Wrapping in cardboard

Thanks to a friend of mine,  obtained huge sheets of cardboard for free ( Yay!) and I used this as the skin for these nutcrackers.  but I had to paint some of the parts first. I put a model next to the painted parts to class the place up a bit.

Nutcracker boots

Nutcracker boots

Nutcracker Gloves

Nutcracker Gloves

Then the ” skinning” began

Nutcracker Legs

Nutcracker Legs

Nutcracker Bodies

Nutcracker Bodies

Nutcracker bodies

they start to look more “human?!?”

After this, things got complicated…




It starts to take shape now, the plywood pieces get stuck together in different sections

nutcracker legs, craft, art


The legs on these nut crackers differ from previous projects in that I tried to make them look more like two seperate legs rather than just one big stove pipe with feet on it. Continue reading

The Band Saw

My fancy circle cutting jig

My fancy circle cutting jig

once I got everything notched, I had to make shapes out of all of this. so I used my fancy circle cutting jig
I found out later, that I would have been way better off cutting them out with the band saw first and then make the notches. Hindsight is twenty/twenty and all that .

bandsaw stuff



Plywood, crafts, wood, folk art

Some assembly required


And So It begins…

This is my first project to post on my blog. They are large Nutcrackers made of wood and cardboard. They took waaay too long to build and I’d like to sell them if nothing else, to get them out of my site.

I’m going to break this up into several post so as not to get too unwieldy.

The First post shows cutting the wooden frames.

Nutcracker, Folk art, woodcraft, sculpture

This is how it starts, with a sheet plywood left over from a previous project.

making notches for the uprights with a router.
making notches for the uprights with a router.

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