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The importance of having a plan

Ahhh this one held some promise… and then I totally screwed the pooch at the end by not figuring out ahead of time what to do with the sailor ahead of time. Whenever I say to myself “I’ll just wing it” I should really tell myself “NO! Just no…”

I haven’t given up on the concept, hopefully i’ll make another attempt soon.

First Attempt

From time to time, I mess about trying to see if I can still illustrate. This is a work in progress from the Hateful 8 movie. Next, I’m going to attack it with my coloured pencils and see what happens.


So I took some photos with the fancy camera..Part two

Here are some other shots

the_pair face_back

So I took some photos with the fancy camera..Part one

I wanted to take a photo with the new one next to the first one I built, The difference is quite stark.

Nutcracker, folk art, crafts

The Latest Nut cracker versus the first Nutcracker, the Difference is striking.

This is where I plan on putting some art projects

One of my New year’s resolutions is to do more art …real art. Errr, well, what I consider real art . Opinions may vary.